Trep Alley

Trep Alley is a coworking space caters to small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small groups, remote teams, and other local professionals looking for an affordable, flexible place to work, to meet with clients, and to meet other like-minded professionals in the Serdang Raya area.


Map and Directions of Trep Alley
Services and Amenities of Trep Alley

Trep Alley is a professionally managed space with exceptional office amenities, built with the connections you need to inspire, provoke, & ignite your productivity and passion.  It’s a place to collaborate. Get creative. Inspire a fellow entrepreneur. Make business deals. Meet new people. And even get some work done.

So, join us today, to expand your social circle, be productive and have fun!

Our network of shared workplace and people will enrich your professional life with a diverse community of helping hands.
Trep Alley 是一个共用工作空間,适合小生意经营者,自由工作者,企业家,初创业者,小团体,远程团队,和其他本地的专业人士寻找一个负担得起,灵活的工作场所,可与客户见面的地点,并满足其他沙登拉也地区志同道合的专业人士。

Trep Alley 是一个专业管理的工作空间,有着卓越的办公设备,与及应有的联系来启发,激起,点燃您的工作效率与热情。这是一个沟通与理念交流的好地方,获得创意,启发以及寻找志同道合的人士。进行商业交易, 结识新朋友, 甚至完成工作。


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