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What is Jelly?

Jelly is a casual working event. It’s taken place in over a hundred cities where people have come together (in a place such as Trep Alley ) to work for the day.

At Jelly @TrepAlley, we provide chairs and sofas, broadband Internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of. You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition.
Jelly是个随性工作的活动, 这个活动已在世界各地的城市让不同工作的人们集聚在一个地点(例如: Trep Alley)一起工作。

在 Trep Alley, 我们将提供桌椅和沙发,宽频网络, 凝聚有趣的人们在一起闲聊,互相合作并交换想法而你只须携带笔记本电脑(或任何你需的工作装备)和一个友好的性格。

Who can come to Jelly @TrepAlley?


There are  a lot of designers, developers, and internet types, but there also had musicians, cooks, sound designers, tea sommeliers, product designers, photographers, writers, and more to join Jelly.  Some of them are entrepreneurs or freelancers. Others work in an office most of the time, but work at Jelly for fresh ideas and a change of pace.

No matter what you do or what you create, you’re welcome to come to Jelly @TrepAlley and share your talent and learn from others.

有很多设计师,软件开发人员和网络工作者,​​但也有音乐家,厨师,音响设计师,品茶酒师,产品设计师,摄影师,作家,等都参与Jelly活动。 他们当中有些是企业家或自由职业者,还有其他大部分时间在办公室的工作者,都喜欢在Jelly活动中寻找新的灵感与体验工作节奏的变化。

无论你正在创业或任职,欢迎您参与 Jelly @TrepAlley 分享您的才华或与大家互相学习,互相进步。

Why do Trep Alley do this?

Because we believe working together is more fun, and you will not missed the creative brainstorming, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office. (Office politics, not so much.)  You will  soon find that working in close proximity to new and interesting people every couple weeks resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations.
因为我们相信聚在一起工作会得到更多的乐趣,你也将不会错过创造性的腦力激盪,知识分享,和传统的办公室情谊。 (办公室政治也没有这么多。) 而且你也将会发现,在与新和有趣的人一起工作将会激发新的想法和有趣的对话。

I’m interested, but how much I need to pay?

It is absolutely FREE, but we have a small space, so you need to book your ticket before join.
它是完全免费的,但因Trep Alley空间有限,所以参与前,您必须先预订门票。

When is the next Jelly @TrepAlley?

This is a weekly event, but you need to check our event calendar and select the date you want to join then book you Jelly Ticket and we will send you the seat confirmation.
这是每周一次的活动,但你必须先检查我们的活动日程表,选择你想参与的日期,然后预订Jelly门票, 当你的座位得到确认,我们将会发送电子邮件通知你。

Can I start my own Jelly @TrepAlley?

Yes, if it is not-for-profits and for the good of the community then just contact us and give us the details.  We are happy to arrange a FREE Jelly @TrepAlley for you.
可以,如果它是非为盈利或对社区有建设性的,那么请联系我们,给我们细节。我们将很乐意的为您安排一个免费的 Jelly @TrepAlley。

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